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Feb 2021

Who’s Better At Sales, Introverts or Extroverts? EP74

February 22, 2021

On this episode of the Realtor Fight Club podcast, hosts Jenn Murtland and Monica Weakley have a short tiff about who is better at sales, introverts or extroverts. Then, Jenn interviews the great Jay Kinder about what has brought him success.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Monica considers herself an introverted extrovert, one that needs to get away from others to recharge.
  • Everyone has their own form of recharging depending on their home situation.
  • Jenn believes that for the most part, extroverts have an easier time in the sales game.
  • Alan, Jenn’s partner, is an introvert, but he is a monster at being a real estate agent.
  • Monica thinks that it doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.
  • Extroverts aren’t necessarily better at sales, they are just more natural when it comes to finding sales.
  • The sales game is dependent on an agent’s ability to meet people and build relationships.
  • Introverts need to find a way to build the relationships they need to hit their quotas.
  • Sometimes, an extrovert’s need for someone to like them can get in the way when people tell them no.
  • There can be no attracting business without repelling as well; not everyone will love you.
  • You have to be willing to turn some people off because, at the end of the day, sales is a numbers game.
  • Extroverts are going to have different problems than introverts, a reality that Jenn concedes to.
  • This week’s tiebreaker, Jay Kinder, is an agent trainer with eXp, having coached thousands of different agents.
  • Great enthusiasm led Jay to a lot of the success that he achieved early in his career.
  • The best salesperson that Jay knows is his partner Michael, a natural introvert.
  • Jay believes that his partner is an anomaly and that extroverts make the better salespeople.
  • Introverts can be great at sales if they are willing to adapt to the situation at hand.
  • When Jay has failed, he has found that he was coming on too hot and was too enthusiastic.
  • As Jay became more skilled and experienced in sales, he naturally became more enthusiastic.
  • Both Jenn and Jay have noticed that their introverted partners give well thought out answers as compared to their knee-jerk reactions.
  • Though he was the #2 agent in the world for Coldwell Banker in his best year, Jay was still #2 in his own market.
  • As his career has progressed, Jay’s goals have progressed from being production-oriented to time-oriented.
  • It’s important to surround yourself with people that will show you how to reach your freedom goals.
  • eXp has created a business model that has never existed in the real estate industry before.
  • People’s natural tendency is to listen long enough to hear why something won’t work for them.
  • For agents that are stuck in that 30-40 sales a year zone, the problem lies in their marketing.
  • Get clear on what is important to your life and build a business that serves that vision.

3 Key Points:

  1. Both Monica and Jenn agree that extroverts have an easier time with the sales process because building relationships comes more naturally, but Monica doesn’t think that necessarily makes them better.
  2. However you find your leads, whether it’s open houses, coffee, social media content, get out there and do it. Consistency is vital.
  3. Extroverts are going to have problems with verbally vomiting all over people while introverts will have trouble bringing in the business.

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