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Jul 2021

Things Agents Should Stop Doing! EP 95

July 19, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, Jenn Murtland and Monica Weakley will surely make some enemies. Since Monica is a people person, she is a bit nervous about today’s episode, but Jenn is excited about it. They are not going to duke out with each other; instead, they are taking up the battle with you- the realtors in the audience! 


Episode Highlights:

  • Jenn shares a complete list of things that real estate should stop doing immediately. The first on her list is pictures, it should be regular or professional, not sexy. 
  • Monica agrees with Jenn that real-estate agents should stop using glamour-shot photos.
  • Photos that are not professional but taken by an iphone and artistic photos of items in the house that are irrelevant to the sale of the house are two things that Jenn and Monica both say need to stop happening.
  • The next mistake on Jenn’s list is that real-estate agents should stop not responding to calls. Monica says she always calls back the agents with whom she is doing a deal. 
  • When the proper disclosure attachments regarding the property are missing, it drives Jenn crazy.
  • Jenn is totally against “Pop-Tarting” of agents- the jumping up as soon as someone wants to see a house without consulting with them, asking the necessary questions, and making sure they are pre-qualified. 
  • At times, agents bring unnecessary energy and anger into the conversation; Monica cannot stand when agents get their own clients fired up to try to endear themselves to them.
  • Monica discourages agents who speak on behalf of their clients without asking them.
  • Tyler Morton, the tiebreaker for this episode, is not in favor of real estate agents who leave their business cards at showings. 
  • “Read your website” – this error is second on Tyler’s list.
  • Tyler also advises real-estate agents not to get into a political debate on social media.

3 Key Points:

  1. Jenn Murtland and Monica Weakley highlight some cringe-worthy mistakes that real estate agents should stop making. 
  2. Jenn reveals one of the top complaints against real-estate agents is “Lack of Communication.”
  3. Tiebreaker, Tyler Morton, joins the episode to share his expert views on the topic, “What are the stupid things agents do that they need to stop doing immediately?”

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