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Jun 2021

That Is Not In My Job Description As a Real Estate Agent- EP 92

June 28, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, Jenn Murtland and Monica Weakley duke it out over where a realtor’s job begins and where it ends. Jenn pulls her hair out over the great extent realtors go to when it is so far beyond the job description. Monica explains how she customizes experiences for her clients and the circumstances when she has stepped in to help when the seller couldn’t. Tune in to hear them sort this one out!

Episode Highlights:

  • As a realtor, Monica customizes strategies, plans, and approaches for her clients.
  • There are times when it may be appropriate to step in to do something out of the norm based on the seller’s need; Monica also affirms that she provides resources to her clients that they can call for any help.
  • Jenn says sometimes clients will simply ask for things because they think you will say yes or because it’s just easier for them. She is ok with saying “no”.
  • Should realtors be willing to change smoke detectors, pull trash cans around, stage houses, and take pictures themselves?
  • People get confused about real estate jobs and consider it to be a sales job.
  • Monica agrees with Jenn that as a real estate agent, she will charge an additional half percent whenever facing an out-of-town client because she will have to do all of the extra things.
  • Jenn says it is better to hire a person who is experienced in the assigned job and who can help you.
  • Real estate agents need to set boundaries for themselves and express those to their clients in a respectful, helpful way.
  • Monica says we can be a real estate agent for people post-close, and we can be a real estate agent for people who are not buying houses from us.
  • As a realtor, provide information to people who are not your clients, to meet their consultants.
  • Jenn says we were getting customers but not that much as we started sharing information and posters every day with people on social media.
  • What healthy boundaries can  real estate agents have? 
  • As a real estate agent you need to provide value and make contributions to people.
  • Chris Siverhus, a top producing agent at ReMax in Minnesota is the tiebreaker for this episode; He shares a perfect example of saying no to a customer. 
  • Real-estate agents often promise the moon to their clients, and this is the factor that later causes trouble.
  • There is a lot of over-promising in our business, says Chris.
  • Chris follows a very specific plan of action when selling homes. 
  • Jenn and Chris discuss how proper training and guidance is required to streamline the real-estate sales process. 


 3 Key Points:

  1. If people ask you to do things because you used to say yes, now how do you say no to customers? Monica and Jenn discuss the nuances of communicating expectations and boundaries while serving clients well.
  2. Chris Siverhus joins in to answer the tie-breaker question about the role of a realtor and where it ends.
  3. Chris shares how he handles a situation  when somebody asks him to do something that is out of his comfort zone in his role as a realtor.


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