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Jun 2021

Successful Strategies To Win More Deals- EP 91

June 21, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, there will not be a  duke-out fight between Jenn Murtland and Monica Weakley. Instead, there will be a practice fight where Jenn and Monica talk about strategies to win deals in today’s market where there is a severe drought of inventory. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • Jenn explains an analogy of “Pop-Tart Agents”, these are agents who rush whenever a buyer calls.
  • When you come across a potential buyer, it is essential that you slow down and do some sort of consultation like buyer consultation, seller consultation, etc.
  • Sometimes the seemingly highest level of urgency from a client signals a lack of preparedness.
  • Don’t just tell the Buyers, show them what is happening. Monica makes it a point to explain what a perfect BlueSky buyer looks like to a seller. 
  • Monica explains what a snow-white perfection version of a buyer is for a seller. Then she gives insights on C+ and A+ Buyers and how one can differentiate between them.
  • Jenn and Monica stress the importance of getting a property inspected before putting it up for sale. 
  • How much money do you really have? Jenn says this is a question one should really have an answer to before going to any showing.
  • Communicating upfront with your potential client and having them sign a buyer agreement is a really good idea.
  • For sellers, it is easier to build a website or join any portal and put their house on the market; but Jenn says in addition, sellers can also make calls and do circle prospecting. 
  • Monica shares a heart-warming example when a seller accepted an offer based on a personal letter that she sent. Before writing the letter, she did extensive research and figured out a common ground between the buyer and seller. The common interest turned out to be their love for dogs. 
  • What else can people do to win a deal? Monica recommends that you stop shopping beyond budget.
  • Setting a standard for how you do business is really important in today’s time.
  • Leanne, the tiebreaker for this episode, says that one strategy could be to ask buyers to put a cap on how much they are willing to bring in to bridge the appraisal gap.
  • Make sure that as a realtor, you are  communicating with the agent who is on the other side of the table. 


3 Key Points:

  1. Monica and Jenn share their classic views on different types of realtors, buyers, and sellers. They also give meaningful tips on how to close a successful deal. 
  2. There are different approaches an agent can take to go beyond the traditional methods.
  3. Leanne Constantine joins in the conversation; She is a principal broker/owner at Constantine Turner Real Estate in Nashville, Tennessee. In today’s episode, she reveals some of her best out-of-the-box strategies. 


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