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Jan 2022

Should You Report Other Agents To The State Division Of Real Estate?- EP 119

January 3, 2022

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, Jenn and Monica are going to discuss whether or not you should report other agents to the state level Division of Real Estate. Jenn and Monica also talk about the new awards that REFC has introduced for mega fans!


Episode Highlights:

  • Jenn says that people will either be ethical or not and even if they get in trouble a little bit for doing something wrong, they will likely just figure out how not to get caught next time. She discusses how the system is broken.
  • Monica asks, are you of the mindset like when you are flying in the airport, do you appreciate the concept of “see something, say something” for everybody’s safety? 
  • Where is the line of what is petty and personal versus what actually impacts the well-being of the industry?
  • Monica talks about how she has seen shady things but where is the line of unethical and not illegal?
  • Can you be helpful and go straight to the agent? 
  • Jen shares a time when she was reported. 
  • Do you think it matters what the intention of the tattler is? 
  • Different entities govern what we do as realtors, and there is a norm that provides us with a code of ethics. Also, every real estate agent is not a realtor, says Anne. 
  • Different states have different rules and regulations, so, for instance, in some states, you don’t have to disclose if you have a relationship with the seller, says Anne Uchtman, the tiebreaker for this episode. 
  • Anne says ignorance is not bliss. It can cost you a lot of money, which could cost you your career. So we need to raise the bar, and we can only do that if we hold each other accountable. 
  • Jenn asks, “Do you think it is best for all of us to go straight to the governing body to file a complaint against someone who did something wrong?”
  • People make mistakes, and ignorance is not bliss, but if you are intently trying to deceive people, that is not ok. These things especially happen on social media groups, suggests Anne.


3 Key Points:

  1. No one wants to be tattlers, but how do we all take responsibility for leveling up this industry to create accountability?
  2. The system of upholding ethics in the industry has its challenges. 
  3. Tiebreaker, Anne Uchtman from Star One realtors joins the conversation. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors and as president of the Cincinnati Network of Women’s Council of Realtors. 


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