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Dec 2021

Should You Friend Other Agents On Social Media- EP 116

December 13, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club Podcast, Jenn and Monica will duke it out over “Should you friend real estate agents on social media?” Relationships are a very important aspect of a successful career in real estate and agents should have to work together, helping each other; How does that translate to social media?


Episode Highlights:

  • Monica says as an agent, you watch other agents brand themselves. You watch how they show up, you can learn from them in a good way, and you can know what not to do. 
  • There are a lot of markets where real estate agents are more combative than collaborative, and if that is like a market that you are in, you could also friend people outside of your market, suggests Jenn.
  • If you begin to friend a lot of agents on Facebook and you are interacting with them, how does that affect the algorithms?
  • Most people do not remember the name of their real estate agent because real estate agents think that all they have to do is mention to change your clocks. “If your clients need you to remind them to change their clocks, you need a new set of clients", says Jenn.
  • Monica says to Jenn that they both are aligned on this idea- that as an agent, your ability to connect and have good relationships in the industry benefits you personally from a growth standpoint and will benefit the deals because the more you know somebody, the easier it is to work with them.
  • Jenn suggests that you need to watch your social media activity; How often are you on it? What effects is it having on you?
  • Most people see the result, but they don’t understand what you did to get there exactly. This is because they did not receive that work.
  • Tiebreaker Ismael Gonzales, a broker in Mexico, joins the conversation and shares how business in Mexico is different from the United States.
  • Ismael says that they network more and work in their sphere of influence a lot. Agent-to-agent referral is a great way to do business for them in Mexico. 
  • Find whatever someone is doing, what you want to do at the highest level, and then improve; It’s been part of the business, says Ismael.


3 Key Points:

  1. The more business you do, the nicer you should be. Be a human being first and a realtor second.
  2. According to Jenn, celebrating other people’s success is good if you see something that you strive to be.
  3. “Friending other Real Estate agents on social media is a part of our job”, says Ismael.

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