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Oct 2019

Episode 01: Should You Always Pre-qualify a Buyer Before Showing Them a House?

October 2, 2019

In Episode 1 of the Toe 2 Toe Podcast, meet hosts Jenn Murtland and Monica Weakley. Their goal is to help the fearless realtor find a path that feels authentic to them. During today's throw-down, Jenn and Monica duke it out over whether you need to pre-qualify a buyer 100% of the time, before you take them out to see a house.


Episode Highlights: 

  • Should you pre-qualify a buyer 100% of the time before you take them out to see a house?
  • Monica believes in the power of connection, face-to-face at the house. 
  • If you take them out when they’re not pre-qualified, you show them in good faith you're ready to step up and serve them.
  • Jenn thinks they need to show you that they’re ready to buy a house.
  • Monica’s main point is the connection with them.
  • Jenn believes a professional should treat the whole process as a professional.
  • Jenn thinks realtors should own the home buying process.
  • Monica believes you have to sometimes give a little to create the relationship.
  • Jenn feels that people who aren’t willing to speak to the lender first are generally lookie-loos.
  • Monica says that a lot of agents fail because they don’t have a system to put the clients into.
  • What are a few pre-qualifying questions you could ask the buyer?
  • Monica feels that if she can show up and create a real estate connection, that’s a win.
  • Guest Andy Scherer weighs in.
  • Andy would never leave the chair if the buyers are not pre-qualified.
  • Monica agrees that systems are critical, but feels that sometimes you just need to show up.
  • Jenn argues that you can’t help clients if you don’t understand the details.


3 Key Points:

  1. Some realtors will take clients out who are not pre-qualified in good faith to build the relationship. 
  2. Some realtors will never show a home to someone who is not pre-qualified.
  3. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Your approach may depend on whether you care more about wasting time or potentially wasting an opportunity.


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