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Sep 2021

Should Agents Set Hours Of Operation Or Be Available 24/7? - EP 104

September 20, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, Jenn and Monica are going to duke it out over the question, “Should agents set hours? ” They both say “yes”, but there is more to it, so keep listening!


Episode Highlights: 

  • “Doesn’t everybody always say I just wanted to have a little bit more freedom in my life and that is why I became a real estate agent?”, asks Monica.
  • Jenn says that she used to be a people person, and that is why she became a realtor.
  • For Jenn, the thing about the hours is not necessarily like working from nine to five, and then the office is closed. People try to set that up on their voicemail which makes her insane or the email, “I’ll answer your email around 12:30,” and that approach also makes her crazy. 
  • There has to be some reasonableness like after X time; then, we will probably not hear back tomorrow. Part of the problem is we have so many agents where this is their second job, so they actually work after hours, says Jenn.
  • Buyers or sellers won’t meet you until they get off work, but here is the thing it is only because we allow it. They go to the doctor during work. They take their kids to school, they pick them up, do all this stuff and make it work. But because we are so “flexible,” we accept it. As per Jenn, it should stop.
  • We can’t put up listings while the office is closed, and the title company is not open. All the people that we do business with except us and lenders are the only ones that run around and pretend like there is a badge of honor to work 24/7.
  • Monica says it is not cool to run around and say, I am so busy, I have no time; That is just a red flag that you are not managing your time, and it is not impressive. 
  • Based on Jenn’s goals, she needs to have five appointments a week. She does that after her lead generation and leads follow-up.
  • Giving an example, Jenn says, suppose you make your appointments from three to five every day. You create that in your calendar, so then it is like – Ok, now I can meet you on Tuesday at three or Wednesday at four which is better for you, and then they will decide. It’s super inefficient to leave the question of time totally up to the clients.
  • As an industry, we need to do better and do business hours that make sense, and if that happens, then what do you think is the percentage of people that do this after work?
  • Monica says, “We can have agents that are working outside of their nine to five jobs, but then they have this small window to be really effective and efficient. But they can’t just assume that everybody is going to be up till 11.”
  • Tiebreaker Kati Ross says, set yourself some hours, give yourself time. Give yourself family time. You don’t need to be answering your phone at 9:00 o’clock at night to talk about a house somebody is interested in, it is not necessary. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Jenn suggests as an industry, we need to stop doing counter offers at 10:00 o’clock at night. 
  2. The reason agents take any appointment anytime and don’t set standards in their business or hours of operation is because they lack confidence in one or both of those things. 
  3. When agents have confidence in themselves as bringing value to the situation, they have confidence in their ability to earn income and have a thriving business.


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