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Jul 2021

Pocket Listing, Is It Better Or Worse For Your Seller? -EP 94

July 12, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, Monica Weakley is fired up to battle with Jenn over whether or not a pocket listing is better or worse for your seller. Tune in for their insights on the pros and cons. This is a good one! 


Episode Highlights:

  • Jenn talks about her experience as a wholesaler.
  • If your seller’s priority is complete convenience then a pocket listing could be best.
  • Monica says that for the majority of sellers, who are looking to maximize investment and get the most equity, taking  it to the public will produce the best quality offers. Jenn thinks it depends on the agent.
  • “If we have a buyer and we are circle prospecting, and someone agrees to sell a house, that is a pocket basically” says Jenn.
  • If you have active people looking anywhere to find the property, it is best to cast a wide net and put it out the market.
  • There are certain circumstances where a pocket listing may make more sense. 
  • Jenn agrees with Monica that having communication with the client is critical to understand their lifestyle and priorities.
  • What are the limitations of MLS rules?
  • From the seller’s point of view, finding the buyer themselves may give them the advantage of asking to reduce the commission. 
  • Sam Leverson, an agent from Minnesota, is a huge fan of pocket listing because it is easier for everyone involved in the process. He weighs in on the argument of whether a pocket listing helps or hinders the ability to get the most amount of money. 
  • Jenn says, “You can always do the pocket listing of your property first for a short period of time, then later you can go to the market.”
  • Let us know your thoughts and experiences with pocket listings on our Facebook page, Real Estate Fight Club.


3 Key Points:

  1. Jenn explains the reasons to do a pocket listing.
  2. Monica discusses the pros and cons of pocket listings and the reasons for taking listings to the masses.
  3. Sam Leverson joins in to answer the tie-breaker question, “Is pocket listing good for the seller?” and explain what he does to get a pocket listing.

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