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Nov 2021

How Long Should A Listing Presentation Last?- EP 110

November 1, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, Jenn and Monica will duke it out over how long should your listing appointment take? What are the components on the checklist? What is the underlying motivation and purpose? 


Episode Highlights: 

  • Jenn shares that if she is making a pre-qual conversation and pre-listing packet, how long she is actually at the house.
  • Monica says she is not sure that most agents do a pre-qualification phone call, which they should, and if they do, she doesn't think they are dropping off a pre-listing packet ahead of time. Depending on the client, Jenn will be a little bit more lenient on that.
  • Jenn suggests as a realtor, you demonstrate how you are to work with from the time you set the appointment to before you even get there, and that is why you ask them the questions you are demonstrating.
  • At the listing appointment, Monica prefers to first establish herself as the leader. She lets the seller know that she does have a process and she is going to lead them to success.If she does her work in that hour, the rest of the hours that they work together are much easier. 
  • For Jenn, the most irritating thing is when you are presenting yourself as an expert, and they signed the listing agreement showing that they trust you as the expert, and then they don't listen to you. 
  • Monica looks at a relationship way past the sale of a house. She looks at it like - Is this going to be an A-level past client for her? or is this going to be a relationship that she wants to continue to work with?
  • Jenn says that no agent should be in a house longer than 30 minutes because they don't need to, it is a waste of time. 
  • It takes Monica roughly around an hour to build a rapport, over the 18 years of her professional journey, she has constantly changed and improved her approaches. 
  • Monica fully presents her knowledge and the consulting approach, even if she knows she has the listing.
  • The tiebreaker for this episode is Walt Key. He joins the conversation and shares his opinion about how long your listing appointments should be.
  • Everyone who is selling a house is not about the house, it is not about the transaction, it is about the relationship, says Walt.
  • Be sure to go to our Facebook page. We would love to know how long you take at your listing presentations and also, of course, if you have a show idea, we would love to hear about that too!


3 Key Points:

  1. Jenn says clients normally have three questions, 1) What are you going to do for me? 2) How long is it going to take? 3) How much am I going to get? 
  2. Monica prefers to involve the sellers in a conversation and build a relationship. She spends a lot of time on supply and demand and tells the market dynamic that not many agents talk about.
  3. Everyone has a slightly different way of processing information and coming to a decision on their own, says Walt.


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