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Oct 2021

How Involved Should You Be In Helping Your Client Get Ready To Sell?- EP 107

October 11, 2021

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club podcast, Jenn and Monica are going to duke it out over, “How involved should you be in getting a house ready to sell?”. Tune in for their passionate opinions!


Episode Highlights: 

  • Monica says it is her responsibility to let clients know exactly what needs to happen, and if required, she will assist in any way. 
  • Jenn is not in favor of telling clients what they should be doing to get it ready. 
  • Monica is going to tell them everything that needs to happen to give them the best chance of selling at the highest and best price if that is what they want. 
  • Monica will talk about the things that they offer and the resources they offer before they sign the paperwork. 
  • Monica says it is complicated to get the stager involved. If it is “easy,” just say, “Hey, look, we need to declutter and depersonalize, here is the list.”
  • Monica has trouble saying no to people; it is just something that is her nature.
  • Jenn is a yes person too, but she doesn’t like treating people like babies. 
  • Once a mentor said to Monica that you are the cleaning lady if you don’t have a cleaning lady. 
  • Monica and Jenn stress the importance of having discussions upfront with the sellers.
  • Amanda, the tiebreaker for this episode, makes pre-listing appointments before she even puts a house on the market and she also does a walkthrough with the clients.
  • Jenn asks Amanda if she has ever used a stager. She explains her experience.
  • While talking about process improvement in the upcoming year, Amanda says they will have some sort of legal binding contract of upfront recommendations. 


3 Key Points:


  1. Most people know what they need to do to list their house. It is a matter of doing it, says Jenn.
  2. How do you give options when you are talking to the seller about how much effort they want to put in and how much it will affect the asking price?; What does that conversation look like? 
  3. Tiebreaker Amanda Gibbs joins the conversation; She is with EXP in Cincinnati. She shares her view on - How involved should you be in getting the house ready to sell?


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