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Jan 2022

Heavy Hitter Christina Swyers Enters The Arena And Weighs In On Why Agents Should Create Content And Follow Other Content Producers- EP 122

January 24, 2022

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club Podcast, Jenn and Monica are going to talk to an extraordinary guest, Christina Swyers, based in Saint Louis. She is the first-ever heavy hitter guest on the show. Christina is an agent with eXp; She shares her personal experience and discusses the importance of social media content strategy for your business.


Episode Highlights:

  • Christina has learned a lot in her seven years of experience in real estate. She calls herself Jack of all trades and master of all because she has done so many things in her life.
  • Jenn asks Christina  to tell the listeners about her production because she has been an icon twice, and people who are not in EXP don’t know what that means. 
  • Christina is always about working smarter and not harder. For her, it is not about how many houses she can sell, it is about where they are ending up at the end of the year.
  • How does social media affect the growth of real estate business? Christina discusses how it has impacted her business over the last seven years. She talks about things working for her in the industry, which has attracted many real estate agents to come and follow her.
  • “As four of you are icon agents from EXP created a Facebook group, Girls with Grit, how are you screening the women in this group?” asks Jenn.
  • Christina shares some logistics about the Girls with Grit Group, what it is, how it works, and how others join in.


3 Key Points:

  1. Follow and emulate people who are doing things the way you want to look, but you feel like you can do a repeatable process, suggests Christina.
  2. Lead generation is genuinely consistent time on a task, and showing up is like half the battle. Do what you are usually doing, like if you are the type of person who loves your plants, then do a video on your plants, says Jenn.
  3. The idea of content building and getting out there and doing it is the number one thing stopping agents from having the business they want. They are just not willing to be vulnerable, says Monica. 


Resources Mentioned:


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