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Jul 2020

Episode 41: Do You Want To Go First Or Last on a Listing Presentation?

July 6, 2020

In Episode 41 of the Toe-2-Toe Podcast, hosts Jenn Murtland and Monica Weakley duke it out over whether you should go first or last when competing for a listing. Hear why Jenn convinced Monica that her strategy for handling this situation is brilliant. Then stay tuned for a special tiebreaker segment about how to change your presentation to accommodate different personalities.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Do you want to go first or last on a listing presentation?
  • Jenn wants to go first. Monica wants to go last.
  • Jenn says you can directly ask them if they find it necessary to interview other agents after your successful presentation.
  • If they want to see other agents ask if it's because of the price you set for their home, the commission, or the marketing plan.
  • If they interview others, set up an appointment for after those appointments.
  • You can be the one they're measuring everyone against.
  • At first, Monica thinks that Jenn's plan works for a certain kind of agent.
  • Monica wants to be there when they can make the decision, which is at the end.
  • Jenn has a frank conversation when they can see there's a mutual fit and she's going first. She suggests that they could save the other agents time by canceling and then offering those agents the first right to bring any buyers they have.
  • Jenn’s strategy works if you've done all the steps with pre-qualification, you dropped off the pre-listing packet, and built rapport.
  • Monica thinks Jenn's strategy is brilliant.
  • Monica has won listings in both positions.
  • Monica shares examples of when she went last and won against two very strong agents.
  • People will list with people they get along with.
  • Agents surveyed had many opinions about this subject but the consensus was that it depends on who you are working with.
  • If you're a strong agent you can position yourself differently. Confidence matters.
  • Monica suggests trusting yourself enough to know you are the right person for that job.
  • If you're enthusiastic and confident you will usually win.
  • Chelsea Goodwin of The Agent Accelerator weighs in as the tiebreaker. 
  • Chelsea says going first or last can work.
  • Tweak your listing presentation based on the client's behavioral style.
  • D’s want you to save their time. They hate wasting time. With D’s, you want to go first.
  • A listing presentation for an I-type will involve building rapport. With I’s, Chelsea recommends going first.
  • Offer to cancel the other appointments for the I-type because that will be a relief to them.
  • With an S-type you want to go last. They want stability and security.
  • With C-type clients you want to go last. They want all of the details and all of the options.
  • You can find out the data points ahead of time with a C. Plan on spending more time on this listing presentation.
  • Chelsea shares more about services provided by The Agent Accelerator. 

3 Key Points:

  1. When you go first, you set the standard for everyone that follows you. 
  2. When you go first and the presentation goes well, you can be in the position to ask them if you can cancel their other appointments and move forward. 
  3. Consider your client’s personality profile as you adjust your listing presentation to suit them. 

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