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Nov 2022

Do Your Thoughts Determine Your Results?- EP 164

November 14, 2022

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club Podcast, Jenn joins in from Spain with Monica and Kevin Yoder, a real estate coach. Kevin was on the show previously talking about FSBOS; Monica recommends going back to Episode 157 also to hear the technique for production. Today Kevin is talking about why people do not pick up the phone. Do your thoughts actually determine your outcome? Tune in now.  

Episode Highlights:

  • Kevin is a student of mindset as a real estate coach and he has been a part of Bob Proctor’s program, “Thinking Into Results” for years. 
  • What is constant spaced repetition? 
  • There is always a cause and effect relationship; Kevin gives examples and highlights awareness and willingness.
  • Monica asks Kevin why it is so hard for people to assess where they are at; What is the disconnect?
  • Kevin talks about his speech “What Do You Think About Most Of The Time?” 
  • What does the research on goal setting show?
  • You have to move toward something. What is it going to be? What do people who are unsuccessful think most about? 
  • Self concept is the biggest breakthrough in psychology and very important for each person to understand. There are 3 parts to it: Self Ideal, Self Image, and Self-Esteem.

Kevin explains each of them and how it affects your daily life.

  • How do you resolve your self image so that you don’t snap back?
  • What if you feel like you consistently try new things and fail and then you start to believe that you are someone who gives up.
  • Kevin talks about how you support your own belief system. When you follow through, you are casting a vote for the person that you want to be; The more you take action everyday that is in alignment with your self ideal, the more you like yourself.
  • Kevin talks about the neural pathways that are created when you learn.
  • Is there a thought process in which actions create different thoughts?
  • Jenn talks about agents who she speaks to who feel like they have ‘imposter syndrome’. What causes it? 
  • What about the people around you? 
  • The balance of your thoughts is going to drive how you feel. You have to be aware of your thoughts because you can’t afford to be negative for more than a few seconds’ You have to get back to neutral quickly.
  • What about the conscious mind and subconscious mind? Monica shares what has helped her so much regarding the concepts. 
  • From the age 0-7, the mind is wide open and highly subjective to the environment. Everything that goes in downloads. How does it evolve and change from there? How does subconscious programming happen? Kevin says repetition of the idea over and over again is critical.
  • What is auto-suggestion? What is impressed must be expressed. 
  • Feelings and actions are cyclical and Kevin talks about how the cycle needs to change to not continue the downward spiral.
  • Monica shares a story from a Las Vegas convention that she went to and a different perspective on money. We have to be careful to put a cap on the thinking of others.
  • What about expectations and perceptions?
  • Monica, Jenn, and Kevin close the episode reminding that thoughts are powerful and control your results.  How can you start changing your thoughts for success?


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