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Jan 2022

Do Professional Ethics Trump Personal Ethics For A Real Estate Agent? - EP 123

January 31, 2022

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club Podcast, Jenn and Monica are going to duke it out over whether professional ethics trump personal ethics or not? How do these two things work together for agents? The National Association of Realtors came down with some new rules and regulations for real estate agents. Tune in for how it all plays out.


Episode Highlights:

  • As realtors, we have to help and serve everybody equally regardless of what they are and in fair housing because that’s a federal law, says Jenn.
  • As per Monica, the NAR ethics are driven around you acting as an agent in fiduciary responsibility.
  • Jenn suggests that there is going to be a rule at some point as a realtor that you are supposed to behave in a certain way that will add some points against what you believe is your personal ethics. 
  • Some things are a bit grey in the professional code where your personal ethics would probably bubble up in a real estate role.
  • How does it work when you are representing the seller? What is disclosed and not?
  • You can still be a real estate agent without being a NAR member.
  • There are rules to help us not get ourselves in trouble in some cases, and luckily we have people that are rule followers, says Monica.
  • Tiebreaker, Rachael Real, says that you don’t just turn your language on and off based on who you’re surrounded by. 
  • Rachael asks from a code of ethics standpoint, “Is there anything in there that you feel would put you in a position to dictate your personal morals and ethics over what the NAR board says?
  • What carries more weight if you have a professional rule that doesn't align with your rules for yourself as a person and in life?
  • If you are an unethical person then me telling you to be ethical is not going to change your behavior, says Rachael
  • At some point, there is a progressive discipline in violation of things. If someone violates rules multiple times, then that agent may be in a position where he will lose a license or get suspended.
  • If you look at the preamble of the code of ethics, part of our duties as agents is to self-police and keep people accountable for their actions, says Rachael.
  • There is a lot of crossover in the code of ethics regarding discrimination and federal fair housing.
  • Rachael says that when you look at the code of ethics, it is illegal to discriminate against people and not show them properties in areas you feel they might not belong.

3 Key Points:

  1. If you are licensed and a member of the NAR, you must operate under NAR codes because that is just part of having your license. 
  2. In particular articles of practice, the code of ethics is meant to ensure that we all behave in a professional way even when we’re not acting in the capacity of a realtor. 
  3. The code of ethics holds people accountable to a set of rules, standards, and rights.

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