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Jul 2022

Can You, Or Your Clients, Use The Bathroom When Showing A Home?- EP 147

July 18, 2022

On this episode of the Real Estate Fight Club Podcast, Jenn and Monica have a funny topic for the listeners; They are going to duke it over, “Should you or your clients use the bathroom at a showing of a house? Don’t miss out on this hilarious episode.

Episode Highlights:

  • These days in her business Monica is back to the basics. She says that the shift is coming in the market, and as a real-estate agent it is important to go back to your job, stay connected and generate leads. 
  • Monica says that as an agent you should really try hard not to use the bathroom, but if it is an emergency, then you can use it, post making sure that the water is running. 
  • Jenn used to have an investor client and his philosophy was if he had to go to the bathroom in the house, then he felt really comfortable and that was the house he was going to buy.
  • Having something to eat or drinking the water is a different story than going to the bathroom at a seller's house, says Jenn.
  • You are not a guest in the house, you are a potential buyer. It is a business transaction. You don't show up like a friend or like an invited guest in that way, says Monica.
  • As per Monica there should be a line between cupboards, drawers, and closets. She says it is really not necessary to check the drawers. 
  • Jenn suggests besides checking that the water is 'ON', make sure that there is toilet paper or bring something with you to wash your hands.
  • Tiebreaker Austin Long says that whether to use the bathroom or not depends on a lot of factors. It matters if the home has one been winterized or not. If it's an open house or not?
  • Austin says if you can hold going to the bathroom then you should definitely hold it. 
  • Austin says when it comes to checking closets and cupboards it is absolutely ok for the buyer to check it, because they are buying a product. 

3 Key Points:

  1. Jenn and Monica share whether they allow their clients to open up cupboards and closets or not?
  2. At a seller's house Monica is ok to use the guest bathroom. They know people are going to be in their house. They know people and everybody poops. 
  3. Tiebreaker Austin says it is ok to pee in a showing, but poop is not ok. 


Resources Mentioned:

Austin Long:

  • Austin Long 347-260-7736


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